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Wind damage can come in many forms. It might be as negligible as a tipped over trashcan, or it might be the devastating stress and cost of a large tree through the middle of your house. Just one gust of wind can destroy a $100 umbrella, or drop a tree on a structure, destroying it. Regardless of the disparity between these two items, when you have coverage, you should be paid per the terms of your policy. or To prevent your insurance company from taking advantages of the difficult-to-read stipulations of your contract, seek the help of a qualified professional when you are filing your homeowner’s insurance claim .



When your home is damaged as a result of wind, your insurance company hires a representative to assess the specifics of the situation. This representative, known as an adjustor, may make things more difficult if you do not have professional help. In order to balance out their knowledge (and keep from being taken advantage of), a qualified expert in the matter may be necessary. The expertise in not only in insurance claims, but also construction, building code, and appraisal, is necessary to assess the damage done, and adequately file an insurance claim.



Due to the profit-first spirit of the large insurance companies, the individuals they insure are often not adequately compensated in the event of wind damage. At Insurance Claim Experts we regard this disparity as a mountain to surmount one step at a time. We will use our knowledge in all fields pertinent to wind storm insurance claims to formulate the most effective claim and help to ensure that you are correctly insured.


Don’t get blown off by your insurance company, contact a Wind Storm Insurance Claim Expert if your property has been damaged by strong winds.

The Most Populous U.S. State


California likely has one of the most diverse climates of all the U.S. states. In some areas, the weather stays in the Mediterranean range while in California’s mountains and in higher elevations cities the temperature reaches subarctic status. The drastic changes in climate are exemplified by Mount Whitney and Death Valley. Mount Whitney, the highest point in the United States, is less than 90 miles away from the lowest point in all North America, Death Valley. The northern part of the state has a higher amount of rainfall, while the southern more dry part of the state is prone to wildfires. Californians experience a wide array of different weather patterns, which necessitates good homeowner insurance. Many Californians not only have basic insurance, but add additional coverage for things like flood damage and fire damage.



Perhaps the most stereotypical natural disaster that people associate with the state is earthquakes. Earthquakes are common, but many of them do little to no damage at all. However, there have been a number of large earthquakes that have done significant damage to homes and businesses in the affected area. Earthquakes on the west coast are common because many of the western states lie on what is known as a fault line. The San Jacinto Fault located in Southern California is the most prominent one. In 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake struck the Bay Area near San Francisco at a magnitude of 6.9 and killed 63 people and injured near 4,000. The Northridge earthquake in 1994 hit at a magnitude of 6.7 which caused people even as far away as Nevada to feel the shock. The estimated damage was $20 billion. Another more recent earthquake was the 2010 Baja California earthquake. This one hit at a whopping 7.2 magnitude right on the California-Mexico border.



Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in the state of California file homeowner insurance claims because of some degree of damage that their property suffered. Whether you live in a rainy area and your property was flooded, or your home was in the path of a wildfire and you suffered fire damage, we can assist you. Even if your property was damaged by wind, hail or even personal liability we can adjust your claim to ensure that you get maximum compensation. After working in the insurance business for a number of years, the staff at Insurance Claim Experts, Inc. knows that insurance companies as a rule try to cut back on the amount that their compensate their policy holders. With our expertise working for you rather than an insurance company, you can trust that every bit of damage will be assessed and accounted for and measured up to your policy to ensure that you get the coverage that you paid for.