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Water Damage Insurance Claims

Unlike flooding, damage caused by water is covered by homeowners insurance. As long as the source of the water is caused by the sudden and accidental failure of a pipe or appliance, you should be completely covered under your policy. Most water damage is caused by a burst pipe. The extent of the damage will lie in the amount of water that enters the house, the location, the quality of the water itself, and how quickly action is taken to remove it. Assuming you do your best to prevent the damage when a pipe in your house bursts, the only legality left to debate is whether or not you took the necessary preventative measures to avoid water damage from burst pipes. To avoid problems in getting claim paid, and receive the money you deserve under your policy, the help of a qualified professional is invaluable putting together the most effective homeowner’s insurance claim.

Water leaks and breaks can damage your house and belongings by immediately causing short circuits and causing extensive damage. Water can also be more deeply absorbed by materials that will be ruined over time or cause the growth of mold. When your house is damaged by water, your insurer will very quickly send an adjuster to evaluate the specifics and the extent of the damages done by the water. The insurance adjuster will evaluate your home and determine if there was a long term ongoing problem, such as dry rot, that contributed to the damage. How the process of filing a claim is managed can significantly impact the final compensation you receive. Our expertise and knowledge of the insurance industry, construction, water damage and claims will be of great value to you in your claim. It is to your immediate benefit to seek the advice of a skilled professional from our professional team to optimize your claim after water damage.



Problems concerning broken pipes can arise when the responsibility for the damage is questioned. It saves the in insurance company if they are successful in finding a long term ongoing problem that you, as the homeowner, failed to resolve, leading to the water damage. The insurance agency sends an adjuster to evaluate the damage and interpret the information found. For example, if a pipe burst in the middle of winter it could be claimed that the pipes were frozen through failing to keep the house properly heated. Seeking the immediate advice of a qualified professional will prove beneficial when dealing with the insurance company.



Filing a well-documented and presented water damage insurance claim is a task that will need not only an insurance expert, but also specialists in the areas pertinent to the inspection of the damage itself. When the claim is high value with extensive damage to your home, we call upon experts in a variety of fields from our professional team to evaluate the situation and provide the supporting documentation for your claim, usually speeding the process. At Insurance Claims Agents, our experts in insurance, construction, appraisal, building code, and legal arbitration, have your interests as their only concern, and can provide you with the professional assistance you need to get your claim resolved.
To ensure that you receive the money you deserve, contact an Insurance Claims expert when a pipe bursts in your house.



When assessing and filing a water damage insurance claim, you will need not only an insurance expert, but often an expert in the fields pertinent to the investigation of the damage itself. With the help of professionals in construction, appraisal, and building codes, your opportunity for getting the full amount you are due under your policy is greatly increased. Integrity First has built a high qualified team of these specialists who, together, manage your claim and the process, with the objective of ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

If you have had your belongings damaged by water, Contact Integrity First Public Insurance Adjusters to assist you in obtaining a favorable outcome.