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commercial claims


There are many risks involved with owning your own small business or corporation. Just like owning a home, your actual business property needs to be protected from disaster. The same things that can happen to your home can happen at your business, but the consequences are the major point of difference. When your home is damaged, your life is put on hold. When your business is damaged however, your entire business is put on hold. This means that you might even be losing profit by the day, which can cause significant financial damage.


Standard business insurance may not cover it, but business interruption insurance can come at an additional cost. This type of insurance will not only cover the damages, but it will cover lost profits you would have earned had damage not occurred. It may also include things such as operating expenses or even finance you to conduct business operations at a temporary site. There is also something called “extra expense insurance” and it can reimburse you even further beyond normal expenses. The advantage of this would be insuring that your business stays afloat.

Unfortunately, just like homeowner insurance claims, insurance companies can cut you short of the coverage that your business owner policy says you deserve. What we do is help businesses get the compensation they need from their insurance carriers so that they can repairs their properties and reopen their businesses as soon as possible. When your business property is damaged, there is a chance you have to shut down your business until your insurance pays for repairs to be made to your property. This can take a very long time, and in the meantime, your livelihood, as well as those of your employees is at stake.

When you are a business owner you don’t just have yourself to look after. You have your employees and their families to consider. It is essential that your insurance claim goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible so you can get your business back up and running. Depending on the nature of your policy, you may have things like disability, health and life insurance covered in addition to things like unemployment insurance and commercial property insurance. Know the ins and outs of your policy so that you can easily spot if and when your insurance company is cutting you short.



As leaders in the fields of not only insurance, but construction, accounting and real estate, we provide all the services that you might need all in one package to get your due coverage. Rather than having an adjuster take on your claim who has no personal interest in you, our experienced staff can walk you through the entire claims process and meticulously analyze any coverage that you might be missing. We consistently more than double the coverage that insurance companies originally offer to those who hold business insurance claims. Wouldn’t you want help like that?