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Wind Damage Insurance Claims

Wind damage can come in many forms. It might be as negligible as a tipped over trashcan, or it might be the devastating stress and cost of a large tree through the middle of your house. Just one gust of wind can destroy a $100 umbrella, or drop a tree on a structure, destroying it. Regardless of the disparity between these two items, when you have coverage, you should be paid per the terms of your policy. To prevent your insurance company from taking advantages of the difficult-to-read stipulations of your contract, seek the help of a qualified professional when you are filing your homeowner’s insurance claim



When your home is damaged as a result of wind, your insurance company hires a representative to assess the specifics of the situation. This representative, known as an adjustor, may make things more difficult if you do not have professional help. In order to balance out their knowledge (and keep from being taken advantage of), a qualified expert in the matter may be necessary. The expertise in not only in insurance claims, but also construction, building code, and appraisal, is necessary to assess the damage done, and adequately file an insurance claim.



Due to the profit-first spirit of the large insurance companies, the individuals they insure are often not adequately compensated in the event of wind damage. At Integrity First Public Insurance Adjusters, we regard this disparity as a mountain to surmount one step at a time. We will use our knowledge in all fields pertinent to wind storm insurance claims to formulate the most effective claim and help to ensure that you are correctly insured.
Don’t get blown off by your insurance company, contact a Wind Storm Insurance Claim Expert if your property has been damaged by strong winds.