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Insurance Claim Experts is committed to assisting homeowners to get their claim paid and protecting their rights as a consumer. Many homeowners have believed that they had full coverage should they face a disaster, only to find that when they file a claim, they may be told that they were not covered for a specific form of damage, or the payment is far too low to pay for the needed construction and other repairs. This situation is widespread, and individuals and families who are already under stress now are engaged in trying to fight with an insurance company that is unresponsive. You have the right to every type of coverage that is in your policy. We help you by evaluating your policy and stepping into your shoes in dealing with the insurance company. We can also provide you with the experience and credentials in insurance claim dispute arbitration.



Our firm provides the expert assistance you need to fight for fair treatment from your insurance company in insurance claims for homeowners, businesses, and condominiums. We can assist you with damage claims from hurricanes, wind storms, fire, floods, water damage, tornado, pipe bursts, earthquakes, and break in & robbery damage. We serve clients in Texas, California and Florida.

When a home is purchased, insurance is purchased at the same time. Few people have the time to read every line of their policy, and really don’t know what they are purchasing. Innocent individuals and families are given promises of safety, coverage and security, and when the time comes to file a claim, only then do they realize that they are going to have to engage in a battle with their insurance company if they want to get their claim paid. Insurance companies may not pay what you are due under your policy, and you could be unable to afford of the actual costs of reconstruction, or could try to insist that you use a contractor they recommend. You don’t have to fall prey to their various tactics to reduce their claims when we are managing your claim. We step into your shoes, and we know how to get the job done and get you the money and service you deserve under the terms of your policy.

Insurance companies are in the business of making profits, and answer to shareholders and their boards of directors. Their focus is on their corporate bottom line. Many people have filed claims and been paid far less than they should get, based upon the coverage they have faithfully paid for, year after year. When finally they need to file a claim, their lack of understanding of their own policy allows insurance companies to take unfair advantage. That is where our firm comes in. With years of experience in negotiating, our firm can assist you to get your claim resolved. You avoid the stress of trying to negotiate or accepting a settlement offer that is not enough to address the damage to your property.

All first party insurance policies include a “policy appraisal” clause. This clause allows you to settle disputes through arbitration. That is where Insurance Claim Experts can also bring their expertise to the table for you and your interests. We have acted as an arbiter in over 1,000 insurance disputes involving homeowner claims, and are some of the most qualified and experienced insurance experts in the country.

Not only are we extensively trained in the insurance industry and all aspects of their operations with regard to claims, we have great insight and knowledge in the associated fields of construction, appraisal, building codes and the business and legal interaction between these areas. We have testified in court over 100 times and given over 700 depositions in insurance disputes. We provide you with the expert advice to negotiate your claim and hold your insurer accountable. As your representative in arbitration, you will have the experience and professional support you need when you are subject to unfair treatment from your insurance company in a homeowner claim.





If your property was damaged due to natural disaster, or some other occurrence, you will need to file an insurance claim with your insurance carrier. This can be a confusing and difficult process, made needlessly complicated by the insurance carriers. If you are filing a homeowner insurance claim, contact our firm today. Insurance Claim Experts is a firm that is dedicated to helping homeowners collect on their insurance policies. We may be able to help you with this process.



There are many different events that can cause damage to your home. If you paid for a comprehensive insurance policy, you will likely be covered for all eventualities. Click on the following links to learn more about each of these types of insurance claims.


  • A hurricane is a natural disaster than can destroy your home. Hurricanes have winds that can reach up to 150 miles per hour, as well as tropical storm rain. This can cause severe damage, including water damage, to your home, and any other property or structures on your property. Hurricanes affect certain regions of the country more so than others. If you live in a hurricane region, you need to make sure you are covered for hurricane damage with your insurance carrier. Read more about hurricanes …
  • A wind storm can cause severe damage to your property, by detaching parts of your structure with high powered wind, and also by blowing debris and other destructive objects into your property. If your home has sustained damage from a wind storm, contact us so we can help you file your claim and get your repairs started. Read more about wind storms…
  • Fire damage can weaken or destroy the structure of your home. If you have sustained fire damage, it is extremely important that the damage is evaluated immediately before you move back in. In cases of fire damage, you may have lost more than just your home. Your personal belongings, including clothes, documents and photographs may have also been destroyed. You can seek compensation for these losses through your insurance company. Read more about fire…
  • Floods will result in severe water damage to your home. If your home has sustained water damage, you must be vigilant in safeguarding your home against deadly mold that can form as a result of areas that are wet for extended periods of time. You need to make sure a professional adjuster evaluates the damage and deems your house mold free before moving back in. Read more about floods…
  • Water damage can lead to severe damage to your property. There can be rot in the wood foundation of your home. Additionally, deadly mold can begin to form that is a serious health hazard . It is extremely important that your insurance company pays attention to the details if your home has sustained water damage. Read more about water damage…
  • Tornadoes are violent, rotating columns of air that are attached to both the ground, and a cloud in the atmosphere above. Tornadoes have wind speeds of up to 110 miles per hour and can cause severe damage to your home and property. Tornadoes can affect coastal areas and landlocked areas and are extremely dangerous in plains areas where there is nothing to break up the column of air. Read more about tornadoes…
  • If your home sustains water damage because of a pipe burst, if you have flood insurance the damage is covered. To ensure that your insurance company honors your policy and gives you the payment you are owed, contact our firm and let us represent you. Water damage is costly to repair, and you will need your full coverage to make your home livable again. Read more about pipe bursts…
  • Earthquakes are not common in all parts of the country, but the damage sustained in an earthquake can be huge and life-altering. An earthquake can shake your house to the foundation, knock over your chimney, or even knock over trees into your home. If you live in an earthquake area of the United States, make sure you have full coverage for this disaster. Read more about earthquakes…
  • If your home was vandalized you may have broken windows, electrical issues, and other property damage, not to mention sustained serious losses. Your insurance company should reimburse you for all the property that was affected. Contact our firm to file an insurance claim today. Read more about break in and robbery damage…

    Insurance Claim Expert Serving Home and Business Owners Nationwide

    If you are a homeowner, or a business owner that owns a property for your business, and you suffer damage to your property, it is essential that you contact Insurance Claim Experts for help filing and following through with your insurance claim. Insurance companies may not pay out the full amount of coverage that you, as an insured policy holder, are entitled to. If you are filing a business or homeowner insurance claim, contact our firm today.


Our firm is a group of insurance experts, with over 30 years of experience in insurance, and even more experience in the areas of contracting, construction, and every aspect pertaining to your property. From starting your claim all the way through helping you get the repairs you need done on your property, we can help you throughout the process to make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to from you insurance company. Click below to read more about the property owners we service.

Homeowners If you are a homeowner and your home has been damaged, you may have lost much more than your shelter. We can help you get a cash advance against your insurance policy from your insurance carrier to provide your family with clothes, food and other living expenses while your home is undergoing repairs. Read more about home owners …

Businesses Business owners face unique difficulties when their business properties are damaged. Dealing with staff and employees who are unable to work due to the conditions can be sensitive and complicated. We can help you file all the necessary paperwork and claims to get your business back up and running and restore the livelihoods of you and your employees. Read more about businesses…

Condominiums When a condominium is damaged, many people, tenants and owners alike, must be taken in to consideration. Our firm can help you negotiate these complexities so you can have your condo back to you while avoiding the hassle that comes along with insurance claims. Read more about condominiums…

Filing a Business or Homeowner Insurance Claim?
Our firm is dedicated to making sure our clients get nothing less than what they paid for. You pay for insurance coverage on your property so that you are protected in the event of some kind of damage. Let us help.

Contact an insurance claims expert today for help with your homeowner or business insurance claim.

BREAK IN & ROBBERY DAMAGE: Insurance Claim Experts


There are few more upsetting situations than having your home broken into and your personal possessions stolen, or your home vandalized. Once you have recovered from the initial shock, you usually turn to your insurance company to help you get your claim paid so you can put your life back in order. Many homeowners who have faithfully paid their premiums and never had the need to file a claim have a real shock when they realize that their insurance company does not want to compensate them at the level that they need to actually replace the items stolen, as well as repair any damage to their homes after a break in. Getting help from an insurance claim expert can make the difference in getting the money you will need to replace your valuables that were stolen, as well as any damage to your home that was part of the break in and robbery.



They are at the mercy of the insurance carrier in the adjustment and payment of their claim for damages. Insurance companies are a business; they are in business to make a profit. To increase profits, insurance companies control and limit the amount of money they pay out in claim damages to their insured’s. The simple fact is; the less insurance carriers’ pay to claimants; the more money and profit they make for themselves. Consumers become the victim of these practices and pay the price each year… into the billions of dollars. When an insurance company is allowed to get away with not honoring the terms of their contract due to the consumer being uninformed or easily convinced, they are happy to pay you less, and take more profits for their corporation.


Insurance Claim Experts is a professional group with outstanding qualifications and credentials to assist you in arbitrating your claim. We know that most consumers are unsure of whether they are covered and what recourse they have should their homeowner insurance company refuse to pay them the full amount (if any) of their claim. Every homeowner policy includes a clause that allows them to arbitrate their claim. With over 1,000 arbitrations, we are highly qualified to serve you and your interests. We can advise you what coverage you actually have by reviewing your policy, and can help you get the money you need to get your life back on track after a robbery. We serve consumers throughout the USA and in the states of Texas, Florida and California.


Contact an Insurance Claim Expert from our firm to assist you in understanding your policy and getting your claim paid in cases of breaks in and robberies.



When a fire truly breaks out in a home, there are few personal belongings that go undamaged. If the flames are not extinguished, everything that is flammable will burn or be charred. Even if the fire is put out quickly, the lingering smoke can render many belongings irreparable. The nature of a fire makes damage assessment, and particularly the value of damaged goods, very difficult. Adequately lining up the long list of little claims, many burned and unidentifiable, can be just as difficult a task as claiming the larger, more obvious items. Consequently, the guidance of a trained and qualified professional is particularly valuable when it comes down to filing a homeowner’s insurance claim and being reimbursed for these damages.



When the adjusters-representatives hired by insurance companies to assess the validity of the claims-are brought onto the scene of a fire, they will attempt to adjust the claim, sometimes incorrectly. They are hired professionals, trained in finding what they are obligated to pay you under your policy. A qualified assessment of the damages and resulting claims will make it much more difficult for the adjusters to short change you. In the case of fire damage, an insurance expert with a list of all the personal belongings in the house is a crucial part of your claim. Oftentimes expertise is required in many fields when formulating the best possible claim.



At Insurance Claim Experts, our firm is the group of relevant professionals you need to help evaluate the damage, and make the claim. Our insurance specialists team with professionals in the fields of construction, building code, appraisal, and legal arbitration, to discover and implement the most effective claim following a fire in your home. We will stick with you until the claim is finalized, and all money due under the policy is paid.


If your property and/or belongings have been damaged in a fire, get in touch with a Fire Insurance Claims Expert to ensure that you are properly insured.



Unlike flooding, damage caused by water is covered by homeowners insurance. As long as the source of the water is from inside the house, or related to plumbing, you should be completely covered under your policy. Most water damage is caused by a burst pipe . The extent of the damage will lie in the amount of water that enters the house, the location, the quality of the water itself, and how quickly action is taken to remove it. Assuming you do your best to prevent the damage when a pipe in your house bursts, the only legality left to debate is whether or not you took the necessary preventative measures to avoid water damage from burst pipes. To avoid problems in getting claim paid, and receive the money you deserve under your policy , the help of a qualified professional is invaluable putting together the most effective homeowner’s insurance claim .



Problems concerning broken pipes can arise when the responsibility for the damage is questioned. It saves the in surance company if they are successful in finding a long term ongoing problem that you, as the homeowner, failed to resolve, leading to the water damage. The insurance agency sends an adjuster to evaluate the damage and interpret the information found. For example, if a pipe burst in the middle of winter it could be claimed that the pipes were frozen through failing to keep the house properly heated. Seeking the immediate advice of a qualified professional will prove beneficial when dealing with the insurance company.



Filing a well-documented and presented water damage insurance claim is a task that will need not only an insurance expert, but also specialists in the areas pertinent to the inspection of the damage itself. When the claim is high value with extensive damage to your home, we call upon experts in a variety of fields from our professional team to evaluate the situation and provide the supporting documentation for your claim, usually speeding the process. At Insurance Claims Agents, our experts in insurance, construction, appraisal, building code, and legal arbitration, have your interests as their only concern, and can provide you with the professional assistance you need to get your claim resolved.


To ensure that you receive the money you deserve, contact a Burst Pipes Insurance Claims expert when a pipe bursts in your house.



Damage done to a homeowner’s belongings by water that is not caused by a flood can be categorized as water damage. This includes damage done by exploding appliances ( such as water heaters), burst pipes, and water entering a house during a wind or hail storm through a window or roof. These issues are covered by your insurance policy . The extent of these damages lie in the amount of water that enters the house, where the water is, the quality of the water itself, and how quickly action is taken to remove it. Problems can arise due to the fact that the cost of the damage done directly by this water may, case by case, be debated by the insurance provider. To avoid these difficulties and ensure that you will get the insurance payments you are due in the case of water damage, it can be very helpful to speak with a qualified specialist when making a homeowners insurance claim.



Water leaks and breaks can damage your house and belongings by immediately causing short circuits and causing extensive damage. Water can also be more deeply absorbed by materials that will be ruined over time or cause the growth of mold. When your house is damaged by water, your insurer will very quickly send an adjuster to evaluate the specifics and the extent of the damages done by the water. The insurance adjuster will evaluate your home and determine if there was a long term ongoing problem, such as dry rot, that contributed to the damage. How the process of filing a claim is managed can significantly impact the final compensation you receive. Our expertise and knowledge of the insurance industry, construction, water damage and claims will be of great value to you in your claim. It is to your immediate benefit to seek the advice of a skilled professional from our professional team to optimize your claim after water damage.



When assessing and filing a water damage insurance claim , you will need not only an insurance expert, but often an expert in the fields pertinent to the investigation of the damage itself. With the help of professionals in construction, appraisal, and building codes, your opportunity for getting the full amount you are due under your policy is greatly increased. Insurance Claim Experts has built a high qualified team of these specialists who, together, manage your claim and the process, with the objective of ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

If you have had your belongings damaged by water, Contact a Water Damage Insurance Claims Expert and ensure insurance for you.


Wind damage can come in many forms. It might be as negligible as a tipped over trashcan, or it might be the devastating stress and cost of a large tree through the middle of your house. Just one gust of wind can destroy a $100 umbrella, or drop a tree on a structure, destroying it. Regardless of the disparity between these two items, when you have coverage, you should be paid per the terms of your policy. or To prevent your insurance company from taking advantages of the difficult-to-read stipulations of your contract, seek the help of a qualified professional when you are filing your homeowner’s insurance claim .



When your home is damaged as a result of wind, your insurance company hires a representative to assess the specifics of the situation. This representative, known as an adjustor, may make things more difficult if you do not have professional help. In order to balance out their knowledge (and keep from being taken advantage of), a qualified expert in the matter may be necessary. The expertise in not only in insurance claims, but also construction, building code, and appraisal, is necessary to assess the damage done, and adequately file an insurance claim.



Due to the profit-first spirit of the large insurance companies, the individuals they insure are often not adequately compensated in the event of wind damage. At Insurance Claim Experts we regard this disparity as a mountain to surmount one step at a time. We will use our knowledge in all fields pertinent to wind storm insurance claims to formulate the most effective claim and help to ensure that you are correctly insured.


Don’t get blown off by your insurance company, contact a Wind Storm Insurance Claim Expert if your property has been damaged by strong winds.

The Most Populous U.S. State


California likely has one of the most diverse climates of all the U.S. states. In some areas, the weather stays in the Mediterranean range while in California’s mountains and in higher elevations cities the temperature reaches subarctic status. The drastic changes in climate are exemplified by Mount Whitney and Death Valley. Mount Whitney, the highest point in the United States, is less than 90 miles away from the lowest point in all North America, Death Valley. The northern part of the state has a higher amount of rainfall, while the southern more dry part of the state is prone to wildfires. Californians experience a wide array of different weather patterns, which necessitates good homeowner insurance. Many Californians not only have basic insurance, but add additional coverage for things like flood damage and fire damage.



Perhaps the most stereotypical natural disaster that people associate with the state is earthquakes. Earthquakes are common, but many of them do little to no damage at all. However, there have been a number of large earthquakes that have done significant damage to homes and businesses in the affected area. Earthquakes on the west coast are common because many of the western states lie on what is known as a fault line. The San Jacinto Fault located in Southern California is the most prominent one. In 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake struck the Bay Area near San Francisco at a magnitude of 6.9 and killed 63 people and injured near 4,000. The Northridge earthquake in 1994 hit at a magnitude of 6.7 which caused people even as far away as Nevada to feel the shock. The estimated damage was $20 billion. Another more recent earthquake was the 2010 Baja California earthquake. This one hit at a whopping 7.2 magnitude right on the California-Mexico border.



Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in the state of California file homeowner insurance claims because of some degree of damage that their property suffered. Whether you live in a rainy area and your property was flooded, or your home was in the path of a wildfire and you suffered fire damage, we can assist you. Even if your property was damaged by wind, hail or even personal liability we can adjust your claim to ensure that you get maximum compensation. After working in the insurance business for a number of years, the staff at Insurance Claim Experts, Inc. knows that insurance companies as a rule try to cut back on the amount that their compensate their policy holders. With our expertise working for you rather than an insurance company, you can trust that every bit of damage will be assessed and accounted for and measured up to your policy to ensure that you get the coverage that you paid for.


There are many risks involved with owning your own small business or corporation. Just like owning a home, your actual business property needs to be protected from disaster. The same things that can happen to your home can happen at your business, but the consequences are the major point of difference. When your home is damaged, your life is put on hold. When your business is damaged however, your entire business is put on hold. This means that you might even be losing profit by the day, which can cause significant financial damage.



Standard business insurance may not cover it, but business interruption insurance can come at an additional cost. This type of insurance will not only cover the damages, but it will cover lost profits you would have earned had damage not occurred. It may also include things such as operating expenses or even finance you to conduct business operations at a temporary site. There is also something called “extra expense insurance” and it can reimburse you even further beyond normal expenses. The advantage of this would be insuring that your business stays afloat.


Unfortunately, just like homeowner insurance claims, insurance companies can cut you short of the coverage that your business owner policy says you deserve. What we do is help businesses get the compensation they need from their insurance carriers so that they can repairs their properties and reopen their businesses as soon as possible. When your business property is damaged, there is a chance you have to shut down your business until your insurance pays for repairs to be made to your property. This can take a very long time, and in the meantime, your livelihood, as well as those of your employees is at stake.


When you are a business owner you don’t just have yourself to look after. You have your employees and their families to consider. It is essential that your insurance claim goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible so you can get your business back up and running. Depending on the nature of your policy, you may have things like disability, health and life insurance covered in addition to things like unemployment insurance and commercial property insurance. Know the ins and outs of your policy so that you can easily spot if and when your insurance company is cutting you short.


As leaders in the fields of not only insurance, but construction, engineering and real estate, we provide all the services that you might need all in one package to get your due coverage. Rather than having an adjuster take on your claim who has no personal interest in you, our experienced staff can walk you through the entire claims process and meticulously analyze any coverage that you might be missing. We consistently more than double the coverage that insurance companies originally offer to those who hold business insurance claims. Wouldn’t you want help like that?

Before You File



When you hear the words “insurance claims process,” it likely doesn’t conjure up good emotions. Most people think of the claims process as long, stressful and tedious, and for good reason. When a home or other property is damaged, the first thing that a policy holder will do is contact their insurance company to report their losses. The representative they speak with may or may not be a licensed insurance adjuster. They are obligated to then explain to you the different coverage options.


This is where the easy part of the process ends. The insurance company wants to part with as little of their money as possible; but in reality, this is your money that you earned by paying your insurance premiums. Your representative will then give you an estimate of the damages and cost of repair, allowing you to choose a contractor. The problem with this part of the process is that every option the insurance company is giving you is tainted with a bias of profit.


While insurance adjustors are obligated to provide you with the compensation that is rightfully due to you according to your policy, they are also trying to make a profit. If your property was damaged, you have already gone through enough loss. Adding insult to injury, insurance companies typically set up roadblocks and other problems to bar you from getting what you actually deserve. Did you know that this entire process could be avoided? With the help of an expert, you will be well on your way to circumventing this process altogether.


As an investor in homeowners insurance, you expect to be treated with the care, attention and support you deserve in the aftermath of a disaster, accident or unplanned event that caused damage to your home. Unfortunately, this is not always the response you will get. Therefore, there are important tips that should be kept in mind as you consider beginning the process of filling an official claim.


It may come as no surprise to learn that the claim filing process can be confusing, even complex. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you act with care as you weigh the options available to you and ultimately decide upon the best course of action for your situation. Specifically, you should keep the following tips at the forefront of every action taken from here on out:


Notify your insurance company / agent as soon as a loss has occurred. Even if you ultimately decide to forgo making a claim, you will be best served by keeping your insurance company informed of your intentions and considerations.


Consider any repairs that may need to be made and make note of these. Then contact your insurance company again in regards to obtaining a list of pre-approved repair companies that your insurance is willing to cover. In the event that you do opt to file a claim, this information will be priceless.


As early as possible, take a thorough inventory of the damage that was done to your home, taking care to list out any damage that appeared after the destructive incident. You can also list missing items and destroyed belongings. Later, when you file a claim, you can use this information to document your losses as they were experienced directly after the destruction occurred.


Insurance Claim Experts: Relieving You of Your Burdens


If your home has suffered damages, you are under no obligation to meet or speak with your insurance company about adjusting your claim. Why? Because we will do all of the work for you. You may be wondering how you can afford our services with so much left to pay for repairs. With the amount of recovery that we can obtain for you, the last thing you need to be worried about is cost. Speak with us today to find out more about cost.


Is Your Insurance Company Refusing to Pay?


“Insurance bad faith” is a legal term that is used to describe the illegal practices that are enforced by some insurance companies. If you are a faithful policy holder, insurance companies hold your money. You and your insurance company are contractually obligated to one another. They are responsible to hold up their end of your policy and you are responsible for upholding your end. The first sign that your insurance company is holding out on you is that they are failing to give you explanations. If they only grant you partial coverage or they deny your claim completely, they are obligated by law to tell you exactly why, based on your policy, they were justified in denying you compensation.


To cover up their trail, insurance companies may compensate by being extremely kind and stating that they are trying to help you. While their tone may be deceptive, the facts never lie. Make sure that you are intimately familiar with your insurance policy so you will not get low-balled by your insurance provider. Insurance companies have one thing on their minds, and that is to keep as much money as they possibly can. This often comes at a direct disadvantage to the policy holder. You need someone on your side that is an expert, but not at all affiliated with your insurance company. Our firm can be that objective third party that fights to get you what your policy guarantees.


What will you do when your insurance company refuses to make good on the claim you worked so tirelessly to prepare? After so many months and years of faithful investment, why are you now being faced with resistance by the company you expected to support you? Unfortunately, these are questions that come up for far too many homeowners in states throughout the nation. When you insurance company refuses to pay the claim you have made, you can refer to these steps as you attempt to take the next best course of action:


Don’t take the insurance company’s “no” as final word. It has been estimated that nearly 10% of all insurance claims are denied upon first being received; however, that does not mean that they cannot be questioned and then reassessed accordingly. Therefore, you should never settle for the first rejection you receive.


Make sure you understand your policy. If your insurance claim was denied, you can defer to the terms and conditions of your policy to better understand what prompted the denial. If the refusal still does not make sense, you may have reason to pursue the matter further.


Ask your insurance company to provide you with a written explanation for the denial that was made to you. If the reasons provided to you are insufficient or they show inconsistencies, you may have reasonable cause to take legal action.


Consider the possibility of filing errors. Some homeowner insurance claims are first refused due to an error that was made by the adjustor who is processing your claim. When this is the case, you can have your claim reassessed and compensated accordingly; however, you must remember that this will only be done if you question the refusal and do not accept first “no” that was issued to you.


Provide support for your claim. Sometimes, if you can provide more documented support for your claim, the insurance company will then be more inclined to make good on the money that is rightfully owed to you.


Enforce direct contact with your insurance company. Attempting to resolve a discrepancy or misunderstanding via email is hardly as effective as a direct phone call or in-office visit.


Contact a legal professional who can help in the efforts we have suggested above. While you can attempt these tips on your own, you stand much more likelihood of being successful in your efforts when you are assisted by an expert from our office.


If your insurance company is refusing to pay either partially or completely, we encourage you to contact us. Our numbers don’t lie. Time and again we have been able to successfully double the insurance proceeds that the company originally gave to you. Those who have been faithfully paying their insurance premiums are legally obligated to receive the benefits listed in their policy. If you choose to work with us, we will stop at nothing to maximize your benefits.