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When a fire truly breaks out in a home, there are few personal belongings that go undamaged. If the flames are not extinguished, everything that is flammable will burn or be charred. Even if the fire is put out quickly, the lingering smoke can render many belongings irreparable. The nature of a fire makes damage assessment, and particularly the value of damaged goods, very difficult. Adequately lining up the long list of little claims, many burned and unidentifiable, can be just as difficult a task as claiming the larger, more obvious items. Consequently, the guidance of a trained and qualified professional is particularly valuable when it comes down to filing a homeowner’s insurance claim and being reimbursed for these damages.



When the adjusters-representatives hired by insurance companies to assess the validity of the claims-are brought onto the scene of a fire, they will attempt to adjust the claim, sometimes incorrectly. They are hired professionals, trained in finding what they are obligated to pay you under your policy. A qualified assessment of the damages and resulting claims will make it much more difficult for the adjusters to short change you. In the case of fire damage, an insurance expert with a list of all the personal belongings in the house is a crucial part of your claim. Oftentimes expertise is required in many fields when formulating the best possible claim.



At Insurance Claim Experts, our firm is the group of relevant professionals you need to help evaluate the damage, and make the claim. Our insurance specialists team with professionals in the fields of construction, building code, appraisal, and legal arbitration, to discover and implement the most effective claim following a fire in your home. We will stick with you until the claim is finalized, and all money due under the policy is paid.


If your property and/or belongings have been damaged in a fire, get in touch with a Fire Insurance Claims Expert to ensure that you are properly insured.